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Madeira Island

Madeira North Coast at Quinta do Furão

Often called the Pearl of the Atlantic, Madeira is the main island of the Madeira Archipelago with an area of 741 km², a length of 57 km, a width of 22 km at its widest point, a coastline of 140 km with a highest point of 1.862 meters at Pico Ruivo.
Madeira has a rugged and extreme geography due to its volcanic origins. These origins as well as its location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean have created a unique enviroment, the Macronesia region, with magnificent flora and fauna, awesome and breathtaking landscapes and scenery combined with a unique 600 year old history and culture. A floating garden with a temperate climate throughout the the year.
A holiday destination for centuries, Madeira is renowned for its rich wine, the emblematic embroidery, stunning levada and mountain walks as well as its charming and hospitable locals.
Today Madeira has a population of roughly 250,000 inhabitants, 40% concentrated in the bustling capital city Funchal. An Autonomous Region of Portugal the Madeira Archipelago is one of the 'most remote regions of the European Union', having received funds to improve infrastructures, promote productive sectors which generate jobs and human resources development. The currency is the Euro.
Portuguese is the official language, although english, is widely spoken. Madeira has been greeting tourists for centuries, who enjoy the easy going, safe and relaxed atmosphere of the island.
Quinta das Colmeias offers you an opportunity to experience an authentic Madeira Quinta, surrounded by nature, relax in a peaceful environment or set out to explore this beautiful island full of magic.


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